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SIPP Accounts

SIPP (Self Invested Personal Pension) can be held and contributed to by every UK resident between the ages of 18 to 75 years.
This is a tax-efficient way of saving for retirement. You can make your own investment decisions with or without the assistance of a Financial Advisor, within the range of investments permitted by the SIPP administrator.
TSCTRADE offers a low cost SIPP share dealing service with an annual administration charge of just £50 + VAT (please note that this does not include any fees charged separately by your chosen SIPP Trustee/Administrator) There is no extra charge for transferring-in existing SIPP accounts
Our SIPP Share Dealing account, in conjunction with your chosen SIPP Trustee/Administrator, gives you the flexibility to decide what to invest in and when, switching your investments to react to changing markets and your individual needs.
In conjunction with your pension trustee/administrator a nominee account structure will be set up to enable TSCTRADE to carry out your instructions with maximum efficiency whilst you remain the beneficial owner.
You can manage you own SIPP investments using our direct telephone Execution Only Service. We can work with you or directly with your pensions Adviser.
The Annual Allowance is a limit set by HMRC each year.
Pension transfers can be complex. A SIPP will not be appropriate for everyone and you should seek advice from a qualified pensions adviser. TSCTRADE is unable to provide Pensions advice.