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London Execution Only Telephone Stockbroker Call 0207 071 0805
TSCTRADE's offices in Throgmorton Street, opposite the old London Stock Exchange building in the heart of London's financial district

Our Services

Customer Classification
TSCTRADE will classify you as a Retail Client as defined by The Markets in Financial Services Directive ("MiFID") This ensures we provide you with the greatest level of consumer protection. TSCTRADE are required to ensure that the financial products we offer are suitable and appropriate for you. Therefore, we need to verify your trading experience and knowledge pertaining to the products and services we offer as well as your investment objectives and financial situation.
We offer the following account types:
  • Nominee
  • ISA
  • Certificated
Downloadable application forms can be found at our Document Download Centre
TSCTRADE will aim to open Nominee and ISA accounts within 24 hours during normal business hours providing all the required information has been received and verified.
One-off Certificated Transactions
If you have a share certificate and wish to sell those shares without becoming a client of TSCTRADE then we can perform a one-off transaction for you.
We will require you to provide us with some basic personal name and address details so that we can verify your identity over the telephone using an electronic ID verification service.
Once your transaction is complete, we will send you the proceeds by cheque to the address we have verified.
This service is subject to approval by our compliance department and we reserve the right to refuse to deal at our discretion.