TSCTrade Execution Only Stockbroking in London

TSCTrade Execution-Only Telephone Stockbrokers

Dealing Line: 0203 0112 315

Support Line: 0203 0112 312

Completing the CREST Transfer Forms

Name of undertaking: Enter the name of stock, e.g. Lloyds TSB Group
Description of Security: Enter stock description e.g. Ordinary Shares of 1p
Amount of Shares or other security in words: Number of shares you wish to transfer in words e.g. One Hundred Shares
Figures: Number of shares you wish to transfer in figures e.g. 100
In the names of: Enter the name(s) on the share certificate as they appear and the address as any previous addresses which are noticed on the share certificate.
This is important, incorrect details supplied which vary from those the Registrar hold can cause delays in settlement and subsequent charges
All named holders must sign the CREST transfer Form.